Monday, August 6, 2012

Stingy little buggers

I've been stung twice! this weekend. The first one was a wasp-like little winged bugger. Got stung while mowing the lawn, so that wasn't really a surprise and I'm not allergic, so after the burning stinging feeling went away, I was fine. The other one, I have no idea what it was - a bit swollen, but doesn't itch *shrugs*

Anyways. Pictures of Lotta as promised

Marianne, Lotta (on the right) and Georg

Marianne had dog-snack in her pocket
As you can see it was pouring down while we were hiking, but the dogs didn't mind and we didn't really care either. It was too much fun watching the dogs play and show off to each other. Georg pretended to be a sea-monster rising up from the deep. Lotta was VERY impressed  and peed on  herself just a little, every time :P

I picked red currants this weekend. Even though I put on protective nets to keep the winged berry-thieves at bay, they outsmarted me this summer as well, just as they did the two previous ones.

I did get one bucket, so at least there will be red currant jello/jam for the family. We use it both on bread and with dinner dishes, like you use apple sauce.

Last evening, we took the boat for a ride. Then Runar decided it was time to do something about my fear of the sea and boats....

I know you can't really see, but I am having a very real silent panic attack, here! Seriously! He had to wrestle my fingers off the steering wheel, so hard was I gripping it. And while I'm hyper ventilating, Runar is working at NOT calming me down by explaining to me that driving a boat is like driving a car, with a football field as a road and that should I crash, we'll be saved as there are many boats out and someone is bound to see us and that I have a safety vest - I get teased to no end about my desperate belief in wearing safety vest even if the boat is still at the dock - and that the sea is pleasantly warm this time of year,  blah, blah, blah. I DON'T CARE!

All I feel like doing when he's 'helping' me with my fobias, is to kill him dead! Twice over!

But then I remember this

...and he gets to live a bit longer :P


  1. Every time you post pics of your giant dog, you make me want to get one that much more. It's bad enough that I've wanted to get a husky for quite a few years now.

  2. hehehe oooh, I hope you get that husky =) They're a majestic dog and with the right upbringing, they become great family dogs and no one will get close to your family unless you want them to.

    They need a lot of exercise tho'

  3. The only problem is that it gets a bit hot here for huskies. Would have to shave it at least once per year.

  4. True, that is a solid point. Waait, aren't you guys moving to a place less hot? If you are working from home, it would be the perfect excuse of getting a pup, right? And, it would be the perfect little playmate for the little one ;-)

  5. I actually have an entire little post to write about that. I guess I'll have to get to it.

  6. I thought that is was too hot here for a Golden Retriever, but someone told me that the thick fur actually protected them from the heat -- as long as they received plenty of water. Huskies live here too. They simply shed most of their coats.