Thursday, August 2, 2012


is the name of Georg's new girlfriend. A St Bernard girl of 8 glorious months. We're going on a play date again today.

I. Will. Remember. Camera.

Talk about coincident, we're accepting to adopt Georg in December, because nobody else wants him and he'll be put to sleep if we don't, and my friend Marianne accepts to adopt Lotta this Easter, for the same reason and because she knew I had gone crazy and taken a huge furry monster into my house and that gave her leverage in persuading her hubby and kids to agree . "Eli has a St Bernard and he is a HE and he is BIG and if she can, so can I," etc.  The only two St Bernards in this county/region and my friend and I end up with them. Sometimes I really love Miss Fortuna =)

Lotta is truly a beautiful dog. She wasn't born a freak, like Georg with his under-developed snout and poor hearing. Lotta was just born feisty. Marianne has done a huge job in just the two months she's been there. Lotta had been allowed to do as she pleased and was barely house trained when she got there. She also dislikes strangers. Thankfully she decided that me being Georg's mom, was basically family from second 0.1. She's given me some great hugs already. St Bernard hugs are TEH bestest there is, I tell yah!

Georg still gives the best hugs of all dogs I've met! He won't crawl up on your lap - unless you're on the floor and he'll use you as a mattress - but he will bury his head in your lap, or  in my case, rest it on my shoulder and he'll just hug you while making happy content grunts =) It is therapeutic!

He's all mine, you can't have him!

Georg loves hugses

I'll have photos of the 4 legged friends next week. After we've hiked and played with Marianne and Lotta, we're heading up to the farm. It's raining cats and dogs, but pfft, we have decided we just don't care. Ha! So, there! Weathergods <.<


  1. I love big dogs. They, however must stay outside so that I may breathe when inside. (Allergies)

  2. But....but... I wants him! He's so CUTE!

  3. Yeah, my father and one of my older sisters can't come visit without having taken a load of allergy meds, first. He's among the least allergy-friendly dogs out there =( (good thing none of us are allergic)

    I knoow, right? And he's always the gentleman ^__^