Friday, March 8, 2013

Georg has more friends than I

It's true. Today, when I was outside in the garden, picking up the dog droppings(?) that were starting to show as the snow is starting to melt, two young neighbourhood boys of 10, came walking by.

Boys: HI GEORG! *waving at Georg*...Eli, can we come in and play with Georg?

Me: Sure, Georg loves visits from his friends.

After the boys had cuddled, hugged and fawned over Georg for a while, they noticed I what I was doing

Boy 1: Oh, my! That is a lot of poop.

Me: Yeah, it's been buried under all the snow and now I have to pick it all up

Boy 2: open-mouthed stunned silence

Boy 1: What a terrible job...I can help you if you like?

Boy 2: Sheer terror is written on his face. Still wordless

Me: Oh, it's such a terrible job, children shouldn't be doing it, but if you play with Georg, that is helping me a lot.

Boy 2: YESSS! I can do that *enthusiastic nodding*

Boy 1: Eli, can we take Georg for a walk?

Me: Oh, Georg would really love that.

Both boys grow the biggest and widest grins I've seen this side of Christmas and I really don't want to disappoint them by refusing them, even though I could never give them such a big responsibility.

Me. Tell you what, if your moms say it's okay, you can come along on our walk today at 5: 30 pm and hold his leash

I've talked to one of the moms. Georg is going for a walk with his two young friends. I'll be tagging along, letting the boys feel it's them who are in charge.

Some days are full of heartwarming goodness, even if the weather is nasty and cold


  1. Mamma, en av de taggene du kan krysse av i burde ha vært awesome. for dette er ingenting annet enn awesome!

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  3. Ooooo.... This makes Sue feel happy inside. ^^ Love Georg loads. :)

    1. Yeah, it makes me smile just thinking about it.
      The boys educated me about football players and which football team was the best. In between they told me about what they were learning at school.

      During the weekend some other kids came at the door asking if Georg could come out to play =)


  4. I wanna take Georg for a walk!!