Monday, March 11, 2013

Leave of absence

Today is Runar's last day at his old job. Because his boss-lady is a super great person, he's been given full pay out the month. He did have some vacation left, so it's not as if she's just handing him money for no reason, mind you.

I know I ought to remember the exact day he'll be starting at his new job, but I don't. It's been changed a few times and I get confused, but I think it'll be around the 25th.

We'll be heading up to Vintland tonight - if nothing else comes up - and we'll probably stay there for the next two weeks working in the woods, trying to get as many trees across the marsh while it is still frozen and safe to drive tractors across.

I'll be without internet and even though I do have the possibility to go online with my cellphone, it's way outdated and I can only read and reply emails, or facebook messages. If there is something I need to take care of, leave me an email and I'll take care of it when I visit my parents' house and can borrow their laptop.

We'll also be doing our best to quit our worst habit

So, unless we kill each other dead, see you guys in a week or two


  1. Have fun. Stay well. Best Wishes, and all that. I've been something of a hermit and neglecting my friends, but then I thought of you and said a little prayer. Longer days and shorter nights will be here soon.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. We're having proper March weather right now, Snowstorm... *brr* Looking forward to the longer days, fer sure!

  2. Have so much fun!!

    Will miss you.

    1. We had lots of fun, went hiking on top of the frozen snow and saw a lot of moose, deer, rabbit and the big red deer droppings all over the place, in addition to some droppings from the majestic capercaillie.

      Then a nasty snowstorm hit and we gave up and headed back home for the weekend. When there is this much snow, there isn't much we can do at all outdoors