Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The dreaded MRI-scan appointment is over.

I have been angsting over this appointment for 3 months, on and off. Most of the time I've managed to push the thought of it to the back of my brain, but every now and then it has come up. My puls take off racing, I start hyperventilating and I'm fighting back a panic attack with everything I've got.

Horrifically stupid, I know it. It still happens.

Last time the earplugs didn't work and the insanely, loud, deafening noise scared the living daylight out of me. The only thing that stopped me from hitting the panic button, was the unbearable knowledge of having to go through it all over again, if I actually did hit it.
This time I asked for extra ear protection. It helped. I think I managed to breathe almost normal. The thought that hit me on the way out, was; why was this somthing to worry so much about?!?

 I didn't get any results and I really don't care. It was only a checkup to monitor the progress of my issues. The results will be sent my regular doctor and she will call me if they have worsened a lot. They haven't. I live in my body 24/7, I should know.

I'm an aching wreck now, because I've been tense and slept poorly. That's stupidity working, nothing else. Sometimes I'd have liked to kick my butt real hard...

But, I'm done with it. It's over and I managed quite well.



  1. So glad you go through it! It scares me, too. As I age, I want to see the doctor less and less. They always have bad news, and who wants to hear that? My Elizabeth wants to be a massage therapist. Maybe I can get by with that? That, and my old-fashioned oils. ;)

    Thought of calling you last week, but my Internet has been unreliable. Be blessed and safe from the wind!

  2. "Got through" not 'go through'. One letter makes a world of difference.

  3. Haha. No worries, Eileen, you gave me a good laugh =)

    Oh, massage therapist, I'd definitely be going to her if I lived nearby.

    Internet usually is somewhat unreliable. Just how it is. Maybe one of the days btw Christmas and New Year's Eve, we'll both be online and can chat/skype.

    Give the girls a good hug from me

  4. *Hugs* I'm with you on this one: MRI scans are not nice on the ears. They are not nice on the eyes, either. "Keep them closed," I was told. Did I ... nope. Luckily I was ordered to hold my breath at that time; I don't think I wanted to exhale anyway.

    Glad you got through it okay though. :-)

  5. Heh! I couldn't keep my eyes shut either. And you're right, it's not a good idea. If you didn't know what claustrophobia was before, you certainly know what it is afterwards