Thursday, December 5, 2013

There's a storm brewing

It's windy out there, today. Trees have fallen down all over the place. Roofs have blown off, greenhouses have blown totally to pieces, roads are blocked, but so far nobody are reported injured. missing or dead.

Winds are supposed to pick up during the afternoon. Simen will have to watch out for falling trees on  his way to work. He's got an hour's drive each way and it's been reported trees blocking the road he'll be driving all morning. He'll stop by Runar's work and swap car with Runar. If it starts snowing, we want him protected in the new volvo with 4wheel drive.

here are some pictures and video from the local newspapers

 The sea outside Mandal

 The view from the lighthouse at Lindesnes, the southernmost point. As you can see, the lighthouse is rather high up on the cliff.

check out the video below (ps! stand by to click the big X in top right corner to get rid of the stupid ad)

video of the storm out at the lighthouse

as you can see the waves are hitting over the lighthouse itself. Mother nature is showing her powers! 

And they say it's just started.

Hope you guys have a fantabulous weekend!


  1. Wow! Drive home safely, Simen!

    Glad you're all okay though. Sunny here, on Hayling; the wind has calmed right down.

  2. He got home safe. The storm was not as bad as they had warned ;)